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Dragons of Power & Wisdom Art Prints

On the left is the Dragon of Power. The Chinese symbol in the lower right translates to
English as "Power" or "Strength". The power of the Dragon is immense. Being powerful
is a trait most often associated with the Dragon and has led most cultures to either
fear or hold in reverence this powerful creature.
On the right is the Dragon of Wisdom.The Chinese symbol in the lower right translates
to English as "Wisdom". The knowledge & wisdom of the Dragon is beyond calculation.
The advise of the Dragon has been sought by countless many throughout the ages.
Very often you see the Dragon depicted holding a flaming sphere that represents
his treasure of knowledge & wisdom.
Both are printed using dye inks on Lokta fiber paper. A hand made paper that is a natural 
tan color and has a slight texture that gives the prints an antique look and feel.

Dragons of Power & Wisdom Art Prints

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Left Print Size:  11x14 
Right Print Size:  11x14


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